Joyoung Singapore presents a hassle-free way to make your very own soy milk in a few easy steps. Simply add soya beans and water into the ever innovative Joyoung Multifunction Soymilk maker and let the soya milk machine work its magic. You can make soybean milk for your loved ones all day, everyday.

Happiness Pte Ltd, specialist in kitchen appliances since 1974, is now the sole agent for Joyoung Multifunction Soy Milk Maker, the pioneer and leader in Multifunction Soy Milk Maker, in Singapore.

When you purchase your Joyoung Multifunction Soymilk Maker from our authorised dealers, these are what you get:

  • AUTHENTIC Joyoung Multifunction Soy Milk Maker.Please see declaration by Joyoung.
  • Safety mark - which conforms to Singapore and International safety standard.
  • 1 year warranty.
  • Customized programme for Singapore.
  • Voltage suitable for Singapore use (220-240V).

It is an offence to sell kitchen appliances in Singapore without safety mark as it puts your safety at risk.